my two cents (or more)

October 2, 2012 at 2:28am

Does riding on crowded public transit ever get less overwhelming? I mean, is it something you can build up a tolerance to or will it always be like this for me? Because even just being on a crowded bus for an hour, even while wearing earplugs, seems to cause me a lot of fatigue.  A lot of it is probably just all the people getting on and off and the uncomfortable seats and always worrying that some creepy harassing person might sit next to me, but it always seems to leave me too tired to do much for the next few hours.


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    Ewww, that sounds absolutely horrible. I didn’t take public transportation much when I lived in the Bay Area. But have...
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    I’m sorry to say that for me it’s gotten harder over the years, and the way you describe your experience of public...